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Gun Control? No, Obamacare...

Minivan Dad

I originally posted this on May 25, 2014, after the Isla Vista shootings in California. Unfortunately, it's been relevant way too many times, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight, because no matter how much they claim the territory, Democrats aren't willing to fight this fight. It's much easier to blame the NRA, blame the Republicans, and keep counting Democrat votes. Democratic leaders in Washington and everywhere: Wake up and smell the stink! This is your damn fault too! You have absolutely zero authority to claim the high ground on this, and every sycophantic, dishonest speech you give makes me sick to my stomach.

The original post, from 5/24/15:

This will hopefully be one of my only political rants here. That really isn't the purpose of this site, but I cannot ignore what I feel must be said, a day and a half after yet another planned slaughter on our streets, of our young people, by a troubled one of us with a gun.

I am a Democrat because of social issues. I am ashamed to admit that based on the actions of this administration. Do not dare blame the absolute failure to enact any comprehensive gun reform on our Republican Party or the NRA. And don't dare point to same-sex marriage as some kind of triumph of the people, because that could have also been mandated long ago.

Our current president came into power with an unheard of majority in the house and senate, populated by the sixth and seventh choices of local Democratic parties who had no expectation of winning when they signed on. That majority was gone after the travesty of his first mid-term election battle. He could have done anything he wanted, but he chose Obamacare as his fight. It's as simple as this: we have Obamacare instead of gun control. Thank you very much, you lame, lame duck.