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Movie reviews and reports. Whenever I finally see them.

Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman, Damn Glad to Meet You...

Minivan Dad

When College Kid was about to turn 17, I decided that there were certain movies she needed to see so that she would know what the hell I was talking about when I used lines from them. After all, MinivanDad can't spend his whole life quoting only Cinderella and Ariel. That would be wonderf- I mean weird.

We begin with Animal House. 


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Chef... More than just food, but damn! I'm hungry!

Minivan Dad

Chef is like that. I really enjoyed this film. It's a little bit of everything. A buddy comedy, a personal quest, a modern social networking commentary, a family drama, and a road trip. By the end, I had a smile on my face and all I could think of doing was going home to cook something for dinner. (I did, by the way. Bacon Mac and Cheese. It was tas-ty.)

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